Charles W. Myles
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Texas Tech University
,  806-834-4563
Department of Physics, Box 41051
Texas Tech University

Lubbock, TX 79409-1051

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Teaching Summer II & Fall 2017Physics 1404, General Physics II
                    Fall, 2017: Physics 4309-5304, Solid State Physics
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                              Older Research: Semiconductor Switches  
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                    Emmanuel N. Nenghabi Memorial
Graduate Advisement Dr. Tom Maccarone is now the Graduate AdvisorPlease contact him 
                    (thomas.maccarone@ttu.edu806-834-3760) about advisement & curriculum issues.
Personal & Family Children Barbara J. Myles Memorial
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International Physics News! The LIGO Collaboration has detected Gravitational Waves!!
               This confirms a 1915 prediction of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.  Two TTU Physics 
               Faculty (Drs. A. Corsi & B. Owen) & several TTU post-doctoral reseachers & students 
               are part of this collaboration.  More details & links to press releases are Here.
Physics News: For the public: Physics Central.  For scientists: Focus News.
Some Physics & Science, Ig-Nobel Prizes
              Journal of Improbable Research (yes, that is really it's name!)

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