TTU Physics Department.

Atomic, Molecular & Chemical Physics


Research in the area of Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical physics is being pursued by two independent investigators. Prof. Gibson is involved with the theoretical study of electron and positron collisions with atoms and molecules as well as with the development and application of scalable concurrent techniques for computation and Monte Carlo simulation. The department's acquistion of a new 16-node Beowulf cluster helps support Dr. Gibson's work. Prof. Glab's research focuses on the spectroscopy, intramolecular dynamics, and collision properties of highly excited states of small molecules. His laboratory utilizes pulsed, tunable laser excitation of molecular states in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum, multiphoton excitation, and ion and photoelectron spectroscopy.

Theoretical Research Topics
  • Gibson's Lab :: Computational Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics
    • Low Energy Positron-Atom & Positron-Molecule Collisions
    • Parallel Computing; Scalable Algorithms; Monte Carlo Simulations
    • Numerical Simulation of High Voltage Flashover
    • Click here for the Dr. Gibson's Lab

Experimental Research Topics
  • Glab's Lab :: Experimental Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics
    • Laser Spectroscopy of Excited States of Atoms & Molecules;
    • Multiphoton Ionization & Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Small Molecules;
    • Click here for the Dr. Glab's Lab

Faculty Members

Dr. Thomas Gibson     theory

Dr. Wallace Glab         experiment


16-node Beowulf Cluster

Photos of the Dr. Glab's Lab

Atomic, Molecular & Laser Spectroscopy Physics Photos