Glablab is the atomic, molecular, and chemical physics laboratory in the Physics Department of Texas Tech University. Established in 1990, under the guidance of Dr. Wallace L. Glab, the lab has produced two Ph.D.s and two Masters degrees, as well as 16 papers in high-quality scholarly journals.This page includes photos of the lab, and information about work past, in progress and planned.



General Research Interests

Experimental atomic, molecular and optical physics, laser spectroscopy. Multiphoton ionization studies of the excitation and excited state dynamics of     atomic Rydberg states. Studies of the strong-field Stark effect on high Rydberg states of atomic hydrogen, rare gas atoms and molecular hydrogen. Studies of intramolecular dynamics of diatomic and triatomic molecules using multiphoton and VUV (vacuum ultraviolet) laser techniques. Coherent effects in multiphoton processes in atomic systems. High-resolution multiphoton excitation and photoelectron spectroscopy of diatomic and triatomic molecules. Trace isotope detection using laser spectroscopic techniques. Design and development of high-resolution tunable pulsed dye lasers. Investigations of frequency upconversion techniques.



 Recent Publications in PDF format

  • "Double-resonance spectroscopy of quasi-linear Rydberg states of water," W. L. Glab, Journal of Chemical Physics 117, 9316-9326 (2002).
  • "Multichannel quantum defect analysis of the double resonance photoionization series of H2O," M. S. Child and W. L. Glab, Journal of Chemical Physics 112, 3754-3765 (2000).
  • "Rotationally resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of autoionizing states of water," W. L. Glab, S. T. Pratt, and M. S. Child, Journal of Chemical Physics 109, 3062-3068 (1998).
  • "High-np Rydberg states of atomic carbon studied through vuv and uv double resonance," , W. L. Glab, P. T. Glynn, and F. Robicheaux, Phys. Rev. A 58, 4014-4021 (1998).
  • "Optical-optical double-resonance spectroscopy of autoionizing states of water," , W. L. Glab, Journal of Chemical Physics 107, 5979-5982 (1997).



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