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Student Travel Awards

Students who enter the Presentation Award Competition may be considered for a travel award. Indicate on the Pre-Registration Form if you are applying for a travel award. Travel awards will be $100 for students from outside the Lubbock meeting area. We want to support as many students as possible, but the funds are limited. In addition to the above requirements for entering the student presentation award competition, there are two additional requirements to be eligible for a travel award:
  1. By the pre-registration deadline of October 3, 2003, the supervisor or department chair of the student must submit an e-mail letter in support of a travel award. The letter should say if other travel funds are provided to supplement our award. This will not detract from receiving an award and actually may improve the chance to receive one. A single letter in support of more than one student from the same institution is permitted, provided that each student is described. The letter should have "Support for Travel Award" as the subject and should be sent to Dr. Walter Borst at Walter.Borst@TTU.EDU. This letter also should contain the complete mailing address and e-mail address of the student.
  2. Students must indicate on the Student Registration Form that they are either a current member of the TSAPS or that they will become a member before the meeting. TSAPS Membership is required before the travel award check is issued.

Recipients of a travel award will be notified by e-mail approximately one week before the meeting, and the award checks will be available at the registration desk upon presenting evidence of membership in the Texas Section of the APS.

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