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Student Presentation Award Competition

The Texas Section of the American Physical Society supports from its operating fund a competition for the best student presentations at the annual Fall meeting. The TSAPS executive committee has set the award level at $200. There will be several awards for outstanding presentations by both undergraduate and graduate students in the APS contributed paper sessions. Students may compete in only one paper. In general only one APS abstract is accepted with the same first author. All students presenting papers are encouraged to compete for a presentation award. Previous student winners are listed here.


Students must do three things to compete:

  1. On the electronic APS abstract form, students must be listed as the first author and presenter of the paper. The deadline for submitting an APS abstract is Friday, September 26, 2003.
  2. In the "Special Instructions" line, students must enter "Graduate competition" or "Undergraduate competition" as appropriate. If you do not indicate on the APS electronic abstract form that you are competing for an award, your paper will not be judged.
  3. Students must pre-register for the meeting by the deadline of October 3, 2003 and indicate that they are competing for an award on the Student Registration Form.

NOTE: Your mailing address and e-mail address must be on both the electronic abstract form and the pre-registration form. You may submit several papers, but you may compete on only one paper and you must be sure to indicate the presentation you want to be judged. Dr. C. W. Myles will be coordinating the judging of the presentation awards. If you have any question about the award programs, contact Dr. Myles at Charley.Myles@ttu.edu.

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