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Joint Fall Meeting of the Texas Sections of the APS, AAPT,
and Society of Physics Students (Zone 13)

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, October 23-25, 2003

For this form, please fill out the appropriate information below and then click on the "Produce Printable Form" button. After the completed form is displayed, please print it off on your local printer and mail it with your payment to the address on the form.

First Name: Middle: Last Name:  
City: State: Zip:  
Country: Telephone: email:  

Name as you want it to appear on badge:

Student Registration Fee: $10.00 (before October 3, 2003) $15.00 (after October 3, 2003)
Register for Free Friday Lunch: Yes No
Register for Student Banquet Ticket:
($10.00 below regular price)
Yes ($12) No
Select One Please: Steak Banquet Vegetarian Banquet
(If you are not entering the student paper competition, just click produce a printable form.)


If you are entering the student paper competition, please fill out the next part of the form.

Are you presenting a paper at the meeting? Yes No
If yes, list title and authors:    
Enter your paper for competition? Yes No
(If yes, you must be first author on the abstract submitted via Web to APS.)
Enter your classification: Undergraduate Graduate
(If you are not applying for a travel award, just click produce a printable form.)

If you are applying for a student travel award, please fill out the rest of the form.

If you are presenting a paper in the student competition:
Do you want to apply for a travel award? Yes No
To receive a travel award, you must be a member of the Texas Section of APS (TSAPS).
Are you an APS member? Yes No
Are you a TSAPS member? Yes No
If you aren't an APS & TSAPS member, are you joining? Yes No
(Evidence of membership will be required to get a check at the meeting).
Your advisor or department chair must send a letter supporting your travel to
Have you requested a support letter? Yes No
Advisor or Department Chair's Name:
Advisor or Department Chair's E-mail:

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