Successful Careers of Some Former Students
(With links to Web Pages &/or email addresses)
This page highlights the successful careers of some of my former MS & PhD students!
Page giving titles & dates of dissertations & theses.
I have "lost" several former students, who are not listed below. These are listed Here.
If you know where they are, please contact me at Thanks!

Former MS Students
    1. Jun Shen (MS, 1984). Research Professor of Electrical Engineering, Arizona State U., Tempe, AZ. Also has a PhD in Physics from the U. of Notre Dame. Email: CTO & Co-Founder, Microlab (leading provider of MEMS-based products), Phoenix, AZ.  For more details about his career, click here (Word).
    2. L. Ricks Hauenstein (MS, 1988). President, L Ricks Associates (an engineering consulting firm) Waukegan, IL. Email:

Former PhD Students
    1. Yu-Tang Shen (PhD, 1986). In Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Email:
William C. (Bill) Ford
PhD, 1986). Staff Physicist, Modeling & Simulation Group, National Security Analysis Dept., Applied Physics Lab, Johns Hopkins U., Laurel, MD. Email: For more details about Dr. Ford's career, click here (Word).
    3. Sylvester N. Ekpenuma (PhD, 1990). Professor, Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science, Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC. Email:
Wei-Gang Li
(PhD, 1991). Engineer, Alcatel Corporation (a telecommunications company), Ft. Worth, TX. Email:
Sui-An Tang
(Dissertation research, 1987-1993). Sofware Engineer, American Red Cross, Washington, D.C. Email: TangS@USA.REDCROSS.ORG.

    6. Young K. Park (PhD, 1994). Staff Scientist, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Seoul, Korea. Email:
    7.  Ningyi Luo, (PhD, 1994). (Joint supervision with the late G.W. Robinson). President, CEO, & Co Founder, Pavilion Integration Corporation (optical device designer), San Jose, CA. Email:
    8. Samsoo Kang (PhD, 1998). Staff Scientist, California Micro Devices (a semiconductor device company), Milpitas, CA. Email:
Ken Kambour
(PhD, 2003). Postodoctoral Staff Member, Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque, NM. Email:
    10. Koushik Biswas (PhD, 2007). Postodoctoral Staff Member, National Renewable Energy Lab, Golden, CO. Email:  .

Martin Gundersen's Former PhD Students at USC
(I had a srole in their advisement)
    1. Paul G. Snyder (PhD, Electrical Engineering, 1986). Professor of Electrical Engineering, U. of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE. Email:

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