Agape' United Methodist Church

      Barbara & I have been active members of Agape' United Methodist Church since 1979. This is a relatively small congregation, but it is extremely active in all areas of ministry. This church truly epitomizes the concept of Christian love. Agape' is a member of the Lubbock District of the Northwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. Barbara & I are Methodists because we strongly believe in their Principles and Beliefs and in the Wesleyian tradition and doctrines.

      I have served the Agape' congregation in many leadeship capacities over the years. For the years 2001-2004, I was privileged to serve as the Chair of the Administrative Council, which is the congregation's governing body. Currently, I am the Stewardship Chair. In this position, I am responsible for leading the annual Fall pledge campaign for the congregation. 

      The congregation of Agape' United Methodist Church has literally been like a family to Barbara & me over the years. Their Christian love & support has been invaluable to us during several crises. In particular, without this congregation's support, some of Barbara's health crises would have been almost unbearable.

      In 2002 & again in 2003, I was privileged to give the Laity Sermon on Laity Sunday. My sermons:

2002 Sermon      2003 Sermon

       It may seem strange for a Physicist to be a Christian. However, I feel that there is nothing contradictory about science & religion. Rather, they are two complimentary views of the universe & the way it works. A book which comes the closest to agreeing with my philosophy on the interaction between science & religion is "Can a Smart Person Believe in God?", by Michael Guillen (Thomas Nelson, Inc., publisher, 2004. The link on the book title leads to a page at ). Dr. Guillen has a PhD in theoretical physics & has been the Science Correspondent for ABC News. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has questions along the lines of the interaction between faith & science.

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