Local software

OpenSSH 3.8.1 for Windows

A complete Secure Shell client for Windows. Provides both SSH and SFTP capabilities. Simply download, unzip and execute the "setupssh.exe" installer program.


Putty and Psftp are, respectively, clients for SSH and SFTP in Windows. Putty seems to be everyone's favorite SSH client for Windows, but don't ask me; I know nothing about it.

TeraTerm 2.3 + TTSSH 1.5.4 Windows

TeraTerm is a very old and well known terminal client for Windows; TTSSH is a wrapper for TeraTerm that allows SSH accessibility within TeraTerm. Download and install TeraTerm, then unzip TTSSH in the installed TeraTerm directory. Running the TTSSH.EXE program will then bring up an SSH enabled TeraTerm client.

NiftyTelnet 1.1 for Mac OS

Again, I know nothing about this one and have little-to-no interest in learning more. You bought the Mac, you make it work.

MacSSH and MacSFTP

Never tried it but your'll welcome to try.

CwRsync 2.0.10

Rsync software for Windows.

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