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TTU Physics and Astronomy: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Picture of Dr. Ra Inta
Ra Inta, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Office Phone: (806) 834-7912
Email: Ra.Inta (arobase) ttu (dot) edu
Office: 122 Experimental Sciences Building (ESB)


Ph.D. Physics, University of New South Wales, Australia (2007)

B.Sc.(Hons) Physics, University of Canterbury, New Zealand (1999)



Random personal projects


Most of this is just fun stuff. Well, hopefully for some people!

One person's idea of fun can be someone else's nightmare. I feel a strong kinship with the kid.

This page is a work in progress right now!


Visualizing my FaceBook network

It can be quite illuminating looking at the depth of your social connections. Here's a visualization of my FaceBook network:

Ra's FaceBook network

This analysis was performed using Mathematica. The native output is interactive, but I simplified it by clustering and labelling disctinct groups (plus interpolating a missing point or two). Most people have similar clusters. I'm thinking of making a t-shirt out of this.

Also, apologies for the awful canary text. If you see yourself labelled on this and are not comfortable, please let me know!

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