TTU Physics Department.

TTU Physics 1403-001 - General Physics I (Mengyan, Fall 2014)

Course Information

Class Meeting Time: MWF 14:00 to 14:50 in SC 007

Instructor: Rick Mengyan, Ph.D.

Course E-Mail: Rick.Mengyan 'at' ttu_dot_edu

Office: SC 008; Office Hours: M,T,W,F 15:00 to 16:00, open door or by appointment

Required Text: N. Giordano. College Physics: Reasoning & Relationships (With Enhanced WebAssign). 2nd ed. (Brooks/Cole, 2013).
Purchase package directly from publisher here (Click me!!!).

Required Lab Text: Only available through Texas Tech Society of Physics Students (SC 004) and must be purchased by 16:00 29 Aug 2014

Lecture Syllabus, Fall 2014 PHYS 1403-001 (pdf, HTML)

Lab Syllabus, Fall 2014 PHYS 1403 (pdf)

Homework, additional course resources: will all be mediated through WebAssign (Course ID: ttu 8056 9846)

WebAssign Course Specific Technical Support Link: PHYS 1403 WebAssign Support