300 second exposure.
Modified Canon Digital Rebel DSLR camera. 18mm - 55mm Canon lens at f/5.6.

Situated between Centaurus, Ara and Scorpius, is the somewhat obscure constellation of Norma. Although obscure and very poorly situated for northern hemisphere observers, Norma hosts a fairly rich region of the Milky Way and presents a fine hunting ground for southern hemisphere observers. It contains a wide range of objects of all types including, many beautiful open clusters, bright globular clusters, numerous planetary nebula, several large and bright emission nebulae, and several large dark nebulae. Many of these objects are visible in the about image.

Te image is centred on Norma, with the bright group of stars to the left of centre being the beautiful open cluster NGC 6067. To the lower right is part of Triangulum Australae, while to the lower left is Ara. The large cluster near the upper right edge is the somewhat neglected open cluster NGC 5822. This cluster is a fine sight for a rich-field telescope or binoculars.