Fra Mauro

0.002 seconds exposure, SBIG ST-8E CCD.
18" f/10.5 Ritchey-Chrétien telescope at prime focus.

Situated a little to the south of Copernicus is a large crater that is almost totally drowned by the lava flows that formed Oceanus Procellarum . This is the crater Fra Mauro, bounded to the south by the more well preserved craters Parry and Bonpland, and to the north by the Fra Mauro highlands, which sloop glenty down onto Oceanus Procellarum.

0.005 seconds exposure, Meade 416XTE CCD.
16" f/20 refractor at prime focus.

The Fra Mauro highlands were the destination of Apollo 14. In the image above, the approximate landing site is indicated by the red dot. Apollo 12 also landed close to this region. Its approximate landing site is indicated by the green dot.