NGC 1399

Combination of 10, 2 minute images.
Canon DSLR camera.
5" f/5 refractor at prime focus.

The Fornax galaxy cluster straddles the border between Eridanus and Fornax. The cluster lies at about the same distance as the Virgo cluster, but in the opposite direction. The cluster deserves to be much better known amongst amateur astronomers since there are many bright galaxies in the cluster. With a 12" telescope and a 1 degree field eyepiece, as many as 9 galaxies are visible in the one field. Unfortunately for northern hemisphere observers, the cluster tends to be very low in the southern sky as it lies at a declination of around -35 degrees. Some of the brighter galaxies in the image above, which only covers part of the cluster, are labelled below.

An older, film image of the cluster, taken with the same telescope, is here.