Driving Directions to Skyview

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Starting at TTU campus University Ave. & 19th Street

Travel west on 19th Street, past Indiana, Quaker and Slide. After Slide Road you will come to Frankford Ave. Turn right (North) onto Frankford.

Travel north on Frankford, you will pass 4 stoplights, these are at Loop 289, 4th street, Erskine and Clovis Highway. Continue north on Frankford (which at this point is called FM 2528).

You will pass three stop signs one at FM 2641 and another at FM 1294,the third stop sign is the  intersection of FM 2528 & FM 1729 turn left (west) onto FM 1729.

1 mile down FM 1729 there will be a white farm house on the right and just past the farm house turn right (north) onto CR1700 travel 0.7 mile.

The observatory entrance will be on your left please turn off your headlights and use only your parking lights when you turn into the observatory grounds.

Parking is to the left side of the dome.