Photos of the Glablab

Photo 1  This shamelessly posed photo shows Dr. Glab on the left and former graduate student Ginger Kerrick on the right.  On the table, a Continuum NY-61 Q-switched Nd+3:YAG laser is being used to pump three homebuilt tunable dye lasers, or would have been if it had actually been turned on. The bewildering array of mirrors, optics, and optical mounts is used in the conversion of the laser outputs into the UV and VUV spectral regions, and the direction of the resulting beams into the experimental vacuum chambers (one of which is visible just to the left of Ginger). 

Photo 2   Dr. Glab is demonstrating that the dye laser will probably not cause lasting damage to a person's hand. Note the burgeoning bald spot. 

Photo 3  A closer shot of one of the homebuilt dye laser oscillators. The polarization direction of the output light is being indicated by former graduate student Mark Bistransin, in his own unmistakable style.  Photo 4  Ginger again, this time with David Smith, another former graduate student who never worked in Glablab.  The large chunk of vacuum equipment is a molecular beam / time-of-flight mass spectrometer.

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