Current and former students

Jamie Jensen is currently working on the Stark effect on Rydberg states of atomic carbon.

Brent Caldwell was a Welch Student Assistant.  He was involved in building stuff and analyzing water Rydberg state data.

Traci Thompson was an undergraduate student currently serving as a Welch Student Assistant in the Glablab.  She has done most of the hard data-taking and analysis work on our VUV+visible studies of autoionizing states of water.  She is now a graduate student here at Tech, in Physics Education (whatever that is).

Patrick Glynn has recently finished his Masters degree based on our atomic carbon work. He has also been instrumental in the development and maintainance of the department's Linux system.  He is currently employed with Sprint Paranet in Dallas, TX.

Troy Pinkowski worked in the Glablab, building stuff and becoming a crackerjack data analyzer on Kaleidagraph.

Atul Wadhawan  worked on a Master's thesis on some molecular hydrogen spectroscopy of gerade states near the third dissociation threshold, and scaring small children.

Mark Bistransin got his Master's degree in 1993. He was working at the Naval Research Lab.. Hopefully his taste in clothing has improved from when he was here.

Ke-qi Qin got his Ph.D. degree in 1994, on our work on the Stark effect on high Rydberg states of molecular hydrogen. Last time I checked he was working at Sawtek, Orlando, FL.

Qin and Bark

Sang-Il Yoon got his Ph.D. degree in 1994, based on some work on ionization dip spectroscopy in H2, which sadly remains unpublished to this day. He is currently teaching in South Korea.

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