Charles W. Myles: Major Service to Texas Tech University

Current & Recent Service
       1. Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Physics (2000-present)
2. Co-Director, Engineering Physics BS Program
Representative, from the College of Arts & Sciences to the TTU Faculty Senate (2004-2007)
          a. Member, Senate Academic Programs Committee (2004-2006)
          b. Senate Liaison, General Education Committee (2005-2006)
Senate Liaison, Teaching, Learning, Technology Committee (2004-2005)

       4. Conference Chair, Fall, 2003 Texas Section APS Meeting (2002-2003)
Member, Program in Semiconductor Product Engineering (2001-2004)

Past Major Service to the Department of Physics
       1. Chairman of the Department (1991-1998)
Chair, Faculty Search Committee (1998-1999; Member, 2001-2002)
Assistant Chairman of the Department  (1988-1991)
Graduate Advisor (1982-1987)

Past Service to the College of Arts & Sciences
       1. Member, Dean's Tenure & Promotion Committee (1989-1992)
Member, Dean's Research Council (1991-1993)
Member, Dean's Strategic Planning Committee (1992-1993)
       4. Member, Arts & Sciences Committee on Academic Programs (1999-2002)

Past Service to the College of Engineering
       1. Member, Maddox Chair Search Committee, Department of Electrical Engineering (1995-1996)

Past Service to the Graduate School
       1. Member, Committee on "Reshaping Doctoral Education in the Sciences" (1995).
Past Service to Texas Tech University
       1. Member, TTU President's Committee on Honorary Degrees (1994)
Member, TTU Research V. P.'s Ad-Hoc Committee on Research Misconduct (1999-2000)

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