Charles W. Myles: Research Interests

    My research interests are in Theoretical & Computational Materials Physics, with an emphasis on the microscopic physics properties of semiconductor materials. Over the years, I have worked on a variety of problems in high electric field transport, electronic properties of defects, electronic bandstructures, vibrational properties, & electronic & structural properties of semiconductor alloys. In the past, much of my work used semiempirical methods, along with tightbinding bandstructures to study various properties of several different semiconductor materials. Presently, the main computational tools I use are Molecular Dynamics simulations, Monte Carlo simulations, & first-principles (ab-initio) density functional-based electronic structure techniques.
    Currently, my main interests are in the following Diverse Areas:

    1) Computing the structural, electronic, vibrational & transport properties of Thermoelectric Materials (materials which show promise for thermoelectric applications). Among the materials of interest are Clathrate & Skutterudite Semiconductor Materials.

    2) Studying high electric field transport in GaAs & other semiconductor materials with the primary goal of understanding photoconductive Semiconductor Switch Behavior.

    3) Through collaboration & consultation on the MURI Compact Pulsed Power Program, a small effort on Semiconductor Switch Device Simulation was started.

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                Clathrate Semiconductor Research

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