Peter A. Fedders' PhD Students
Department of Physics
 Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
Some Pete Fedders Physics Quotes
Here are some photos of some of Pete Fedders' "academic family".
These photos are courtesy of Alex Demkov, one of Otto Sankey's former PhD students.
The web page is courtesy of
Otto Sankey.

            1. Charles W. Myles, PhD, 1973
                    Professor of Physics
                       Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
                        MS & PhD Students
Ex-Student's Successful Careers
                        Academic "Family Tree"

             2. Ying-Tsong Loh, PhD, 1973
                    Staff Member
                       VLSI Technology, Inc., San Antonio, TX

             3. Otto F. Sankey, PhD, 1979
Professor of Physics
                       Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

                    Some Otto Sankey Quantum Mechanics Quotes

             4. David A. Drabold, PhD, 1989
                       Professor of Physics
                       Ohio University, Athens, OH

                    Academic "Family Tree"  (Including his PhD's)

             5. Lily M. Canel (Katz), PhD, 1993 (?)
Anders E. Carlsson

                        Co-Advised by Pete Fedders

Pete Fedders also had (at least) one "terminal" MS student.
(Pete & I would like to forget him!):

                Ron Merican, MS 1971 (?)

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