Semiconductor Switch Device Research
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    The MURI Compact Pulsed Power Program project, managed by the AFOSR, is being carried out in collaboration
and consultation with Martin Gundersen of the University of Southern California (USC). He is in the Departments of Electrical Engineering-Electrophysics & Physics and is the head of the Pulsed Power Group.
I also interact with his PhD students Kathy Gu and Qiong Shui. They are both students in the Department of Materials Science. Recently, through this collaboration, an effort on semiconductor switch device simulation has been started. there.

    The basic idea of this effort is to simulate various device configurations to theoretically see which one has the best characteristics for pulsed power applications. A high hold off voltage is crucial for this. Doing this simulation study will help to decrease the number and types of devices which will need to be fabricated for this purpose. The fabrication and characterization will also be done at USC. The devices which have been considered so far have been FET's and VJFET's fabricated from GaAs, Si, and 4H-SiC.

    This effort has resulted in several conference proceedings papers: 1) A 2002 poster presentation at the 25th International Power Modulator Conference (Hollywood, CA). 2) Two 2003 presentations at the 14th International IEEE Pulsed Power Conference (Dallas, TX). 3) A 2004 presentation at the 26th International Power Modulator Conference (San Francisco, CA). The proceedings papers are  #9,12,14, & 16 on the "Recent Publications" link below. See also #17,23,24,30 & 31 on the "Recent Conference Presentations" link.

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