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Physics Graduate Students Please Note!
Before registration, a hold is placed on your records until you are advised by me (, 806-834-4563, Sc. 18) or by Dr. Tom Maccarone (thomas.maccarone@ttu.edu806-834-3760). I'm available for advisement almost any time you can find me. Except for times I'm teaching, I'm usually in the department from about 8:30 am until about 5:30 pm. At registration time, I'll post detailed office hours on my office door.

Some Useful Links for Physics Graduate Students
1. TTU Graduate School Home 
2. Forms Page. Has forms (pdf format) for many uses: 
       MS Degree Plan, PhD Degree Plan, Change or Add Program, etc. 
3. Physics Graduate Scholarships: 
       NoteYearly Application Deadline MARCH 1!
4. TTU Graduate Scholarships & Fellowships 
       Note Application Deadlines!
5. TTU Career Center 
6. External Graduate Fellowships & Grants
       Note Application Deadlines!
7. National Physics Employment Data 
        from the American Institute of Physics (AIP)
8. Physics PhD Employers in the US!
9. American Physical Society (APS) Home.
    9a. Texas Section APS Home.
10. American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) Home.
      10a. Texas Section AAPT Home.
11. National Society of Physics Students (SPS) Home.

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