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Picture of Dr. Stefan Estreicher.
Stefan Estreicher
Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Physics
Office Phone: (806) 742-3723
Office: 134 Science Building


Ph.D. Theoretical Physics, University of Zurich, Switzerland (1982)

M.S. Physics, University of Geneva, Switzerland (1978)


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Research Interests

First-principles theory of defects in semiconductors, mostly crystalline silicon. The defects of interest are localized: native defects (vacancies and self-interstitials), impurities, pairs, and small complexes. The calculations include static properties (stable and metastable configurations, energetics), classical molecular-dynamics simulations (diffusion, defect reactions), electronic structures (chemical details and gap levels), vibrational dynamics (local and pseudo-local vibrational modes, vibrational lifetimes), and as T>0K dynamics (free energies). The current emphasis is on the properties of transition metal impurities in silicon and the calculation of thermal conductivities in various materials. My interest in the history of wine has resulted in a book and a number of invited talks on the topic, most notably in San Francisco (CA), Oxford (UK), and Erice (Sicily).

Selected Publications:

D.A. Drabold and S.K. Estreicher (editors) "Theory of Defects in Semiconductors" (Springer, Heidelberg, 2007), ISBN: 3-540-33400-9.

M. Sanati, N. Gonzalez Szwacki, and S.K. Estreicher "Interstitial Fe in silicon, its interactions with H and shallow dopants" Physical Review B 76, (2007), in print.

D. West and S.K. Estreicher "First-principles calculations of vibrational lifetimes and decay channels: Hydrogen-related modes in Si" Physical Review Letters 96, 115504/1-4 (2006) This paper was also selected for the April 2006 issue of the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science.

S.K. Estreicher, M. Sanati, D. West, and F. Ruymgaart "Thermodynamics of impurities in semiconductors" Physical Review B 70, 125209/1-10 (2004).