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Picture of Dr. Roger L. Lichti.
Roger L. Lichti
Professor of Physics
Office Phone: (806) 834-0691
Office: 19 Science Building


Ph.D. Physics, University of Illinois, 1972

M.S. Physics, University of Illinois, 1969

B.S. Physics, Ottawa University (Kansas), 1967


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Research Interests

My primary research area is the experimental study of the defect chemistry of hydrogen as an impurity in semiconductors using the muonium analog. Current interest is in determining the muonium donor and acceptor energy levels in a series of semiconductors, obtaining information on diffusion and interactions of Mu with other impurities. A new area is examining the distribution of internal magnetic fields in magnetic semiconductors under development for spintronics applications by using implanted muons as a local magnetic probe. Experiments take place at accelerator based MuSR User Facilities in Canada, England and Switzerland.

Selected Publications:

"Donor and Acceptor Energies for Muonium in GaAs", R.L. Lichti. H.N. Bani-Salameh, B.R. Carroll, K.H. Chow, B. Hitti, S.R. Kreitzman; Physical Review B 76, 045221_1-5 (2007).

"Dynamics of Positively-Charged Muonium Centers in Indium Nitride", Y.G. Celebi, R.L. Lichti, B.E. Coss, and S.F.J. Cox; Physical Review B 74, 245219 (2006).

"Diffusion and Conversion Dynamics for Neutral Muonium in Aluminum Nitride", H.N. Bani-Salameh, R.L. Lichti, Y.G. Celebi, S.F.J. Cox; Physical Review B 74, 245203 (2006).

"Muonium Spectroscopy in ZnSe: metastability and conversion", R.C. Vilao, H.V. Alberto, J. Piroto Duarte, J.M. Gil, A. Weidinger, N. Ayres de Campos, R.L. Lichti, K.H. Chow, and S.F.J. Cox; Physical Review B 72, 235203 (2005).