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Picture of Dr. Kelvin Cheng.
K. Kelvin Cheng
Professor of Physics
Office Phone: (806) 742-2992
Office: 109 Science Building


Ph.D. Physics, University of Waterloo, Canada (1983)

M.Phil. Physics, Chinese University of Hong Kong (1980)

B.S. Physics, Chinese University of Hong Kong (1978)


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Research Interests

My research interests involve the physics of various biological systems spanning the molecular, cellular and tissue (device/sensor) levels. At the molecular and cellular level, we are interested in the molecular organization and dynamics of the multi-component lipid bilayer, an important component of the cell membranes, and how they regulate the membrane or surface-acting protein activities. Ca-ATPase, Ca-channel, cholesterol oxidase and Alzheimer disease related beta-amyloid proteins have been investigated. At the tissue or device/sensor level, we are interested in the MRI-based gel dosimetry for the calibration of conformal radiation therapy, quantitative MRI, development of sensors for forensic applications and tumor biochips. The work on biochips has applications in in-vitro cancer cell detection and drug delivery in tumor microvasculature.

Selected Publications:

L. Liu, S. K. Gill, Y. Gao, L. J. Hope-Weeks and K. H. Cheng. 2007. Exploration of the use of novel SiO2 nanocomposites doped with fluorescent Eu3+/sensitizer complex for latent fingerprint detection. Forensic Sci. Int. (in press).

M. R. Ali, K. H. Cheng, and J. Huang. 2007. Assess the nature of cholesterol-lipid interactions through the chemical potential of cholesterol in phosphatidylcholine bilayers. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.104: 5372-5377.

K. H. Cheng, B. Cannon, J. Metze, A. Lewis, J. Huang, M..W. Vaughn, Q. Zhu, P. Somerharju, and J. Virtanen. 2006. Lipid headgroup superlattice modulates the activity of surface-acting cholesterol oxidase in ternary phospholipid/cholesterol bilayers. Biochemistry 45: 10855-64.

B. Cannon, N. Weaver, Q. Pu, V. Thiagarajan, S. Liu, J. Huang, M. W. Vaughn, and K. H. Cheng. 2005. Cholesterol modulated antibody binding in supported lipid membranes as determined by total internal reflectance microscopy on a microfabricated high-throughput glass chip. Langmuir, 21: 9666-74.