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Anthony Kaye
Associate Professor
Office Phone: (806) 834-8571
Email: Anthony DOT Kaye AT ttu DOT edu
Office: 003 Science Building


Ph.D. Astronomy, Georgia State University (1998)

M.Sc. Physics, Georgia State University (1996)

B.Sc. Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University (1995)


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Research Interests

My career has been what can only be described as "non-traditional," so I have two major areas of research that I am currently working on:

I have a tremendous amount of data that is ready to be analyzed, and am working with students to develop better techniques for time series analyses and in applying astrophysical tools and techniques to non-astrophysical problems.

Key Publications:

Ferrara, D.W., MacQuarrie, E.R., Diez-Blanco, V., Nag, J., Kaye, A.B., and Haglund, R.F., 2012, "Plasmonic enhancement of the vanadium dioxide phase transition induced by low-power laser irradiation" Applied Physics A - Materials Science and Processing, 108, 255

Ferrara, D.W., MacQuarrie, E.R., Nag, J., Kaye, A.B., and Haglund, R.F., 2011, "Plasmon-enhanced low-intensity laser switching of gold::vanadium dioxide nanocomposites", Applied Physics Letters, 98, 241112

Kaye, A.B., Handler, G., Krisciunas, K., Poretti, E., and Zerbi, F.M., 1999, "gamma Doradus stars: defining a new class of pulsating variables" Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 111, 840

Guzik, J.A., Kaye, A.B., Bradley, P.A., Cox, A.N., and Neuforge, C., 2000, "Driving the pulsations in gamma Doradus variables", Letters of the Astrophysical Journal, 542, 57

Gray, R.O. and Kaye, A.B., 1999, "HR 8799: A link between gamma Doradus variables and lambda Bootis stars", Astronomical Journal, 118, 2993

Warner, P.B., Kaye, A.B., and Guzik, J.A., 2003, "A theoretical gamma Doradus instability strip", Astrophysical Journal, 593, 1049