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Conference Schedule

Joint Fall Meeting of the Texas Sections of the APS, AAPT,
and Society of Physics Students (Zone 13)

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, October 23-25, 2003

Time Event Location
3:30-5:00pm Meeting of Robert Clark's NSF Teacher Group Sc. 112
5:30-8:00pm Registration and Welcoming Reception Wrangler Room

Lubbock Inn
7:00pm Texas Section APS Executive Committee Meeting Red Raider Room

Lubbock Inn
7:00pm Texas Section AAPT Executive Committee Meeting Room 116

Lubbock Inn

Numbers Designate Paper Session Number!

Time Event Location
7:00am Department Chair's Breakfast Lubbock Inn
8:00am -5:00pm Conference Registration Sc. 103
8:20-8:30am Welcoming Remarks: Sc. 007

Lynn Hatfield (Chair of Physics) & Jane Winer (Dean, College of A&S)
8:30-9:50am Plenary Session I: Chair: Myles. Sc. 007

Speakers: Sankey (Molecular Electronics). Zutavern (Electron-hole Plasmas)
9:50-10:15am Break: Coffee, etc. Sc. 103 & Hallway
10:15-11:00am Plenary Session II: Chair: Myles. Sc. 007

Speaker: Cranberg (A Physicist in Politics)
11:00-12:15pm A1: Atomic, Molecular & Chemical Physics. Chair: Glab Sc. 007

A2: Theoretical Physics. Chair: Estreicher Sc. 112

A3: Nanotechnology. Chair: Menon Sc. 010

A4: Physics Education Research & Sc. 234

Am. Assoc. of Physics Teachers I. Chair: Elizondo

A5: Poster Session. Chair: Borst. Posters up all afternoon! Hallways
12:30-2:00pm Lunch & Meetings Frazier Pavillion

TSAPS Business Meeting

TSAAPT Business Meeting
1:30-5:00pm Research Laboratory Tours See list
1:30-3:30pm B2: Applied Physics and Biophysics. Chair: Hatfield Sc. 112

B3: Solid State Physics I: Chair: Lichti Sc. 234

B4: Astrophysics & Cosmology. Chair: Wilhelm Sc. 010

W1: AAPT Workshop: "Great Ladies – Great Ideas: Sc. 121

Women in Physics”. Edwards, Gwinn, Restivo
3:30-3:45 Break: Coffee, etc. Sc. 103 & Hallway
3:45-5:15 C1: Solid State Physics II. Chair: Sauncy Sc. 234

C2: Am. Assoc. of Physics Teachers II. Chair: Downing Sc. 010

C3: Society of Physics Students I. Chair: Donnelly Sc. 112

C4: Symposium on Quantum Computing: Sc. 007

Chair: Lodhi. Speakers: Hemmer, Hasan, Zubairy
06:30 Social Time Frazier Pavillion
07:30 Banquet: After dinner talk by Dr. Fred Suppe, Frazier Pavillion

TTU Professor of Philosphy, "Inverse Problems from A to V"
After Banquet "Star Party" at the on-campus Observatory. Chair: Wilhelm. Observatory

Time Event Room
8:30-10:30 Plenary Session III (Semiconductor Physics): Sc. 007

Chair: Myles. Speakers: Weber, Estreicher, Wright
10:30-10:45 Break: Coffee, etc. Sc. 103
10:45-12:30 D1: Symposium: Nanotechnology & Physics in Industry. Sc. 007

Chair: Myles. Speakers: Michalske (Nanotech.), Demkov (Industry)

D2: Solid State Physics II. Chair: Holtz. Sc. 234

D3: Particle Physics. Chair: Akchurin. Sc. 010

D3: Society of Physics Students II. Chair: May. Sc. 112

D4: Am. Assoc. of Physics Teachers III. Chair: Thacker. Sc. 205

W2: AAPT Workshop: "Newton is Not Just Numbers. See Sc. 118

the Laws, Be the Laws with PASCO Probes." Moore.

W3: AAPT Workshop: "Vernier Workshop for Physics Sc. 121

Teachers." Gastineau.

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