Texas Tech University - October 24-25, 2003


"Great Ladies - Great Ideas: Women in Physics" presented by Eddie Edwards, Amarillo ISD, Elaine Gwinn, Canyon HS, and Evelyn Restivo, Maypearl HS.

Success comes from creativity and persistence, and where the great ladies of science are concerned, some say from a desire to challenge the breadth of knowledge or just plain zealous tenacity. Whatever it is that drives women to pursue careers in science must be nourished and supported. To this end we delight in presenting a few of the innovative ladies and their ingenious experiments, from electricity to thermal energy, that revolutionized science education forever.

Limited to 35 participants - 2 hours - Cost $5.00


"Newton is Not Just Numbers...See the Laws, Be the Laws with PASCO Probes" presented by April Moore, Pasco Scientific Company.

Even the most fundamental physics concepts can be hard for many students to comprehend. PASCO's probeware and software together increase student understanding of complex physical concepts like Newton's Third Law of Motion and the Law of Conservation of Energy. Using PASCO probes, students can develop more sophisticated mental models of physics phenomena through data visualization. When meshed with PASCO's standards-based explorations, physics can really come to life. Attend the workshop, experience science, receive a complementary lesson plan and take home an educator's gift.

Limited to 20 participants - 2.5 hours - Cost of $2.00


"Vernier Workshop for Physics Teachers" presented by John Gastineau, Vernier Software & Technology.

During this workshop, participants will be introduced to Vernier's LabPro interface, the new Logger Pro 3.2 software, and a variety of sensors. Participants will get a chance to perform a number of hands-on activities that will demonstrate how these tools can be used in their classrooms with their students.

Limited to 24 participants - 2.5 hours - Cost $2.00

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