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Some thoughts on college education and teaching

The teaching challenge is how to make the learning material both accessible and meaningful to all students.  Texas Tech is committed to making education personal – ensuring that a comprehensive research university has the feel of a small liberal arts college.  The promise that Texas Tech makes regarding one-on-one interaction with faculty is one of the reasons Texas Tech excels in teaching. 

Student Research Experience
While these five objectives are key, the paramount instrument that I continue to employ is the use of students in ongoing research.  Student projects should be meaningful, both for the students and for the scientific community.  By giving students the opportunity to take a “hands-on” role in ongoing research, they are able to immediately see the impact of their work.  The numbers they are asked to calculate no longer “just come out of the book” – they come from the instrument they are operating or from the calculations they did, and they appear in the journal article alongside their name.  Ensuring that students have the opportunity to not only participate, but also to publish, completes the picture for them – from the original research question, to the experiment and observation, through the reduction and analysis of the data, and to the critical communication of their results. 

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