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The Texas Tech Physics Department is committed to achieving important research while still providing a high quality of education for our students at the undergraduate and graduate level.
The following are theses written by former graduate students of the Physics department at TTU.
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Ph.D. Theses
Author Name Title Date/Time
Nenghabi, Emmanuel TTU awarded him a posthumous PhD 2009-05
Gumus, Kazim Z Search for new physics in the compact muon solenoid (CMS) experiment and the response of the CMS calorimeters to particles and jets 2008-07-10
Powell Jr., William Lee Tidal streams in the Milky Way: an observational study 2008-03-30
Song, Daoying Phonons and optical properties of III-nitride semiconductors 2007-06-28
Biswas, Koushik Theoretical investigation of type II clathrate materials 2007-04-11
Tian, Lu Fabrication and optical characterization of nanostructures on semiconductor materials 2007-03-27
Bani-Salameh, Hisham Nahar Muonium defect centers in aluminum nitride and silicon carbide 2006-11-06
Ali, Md Rejwan Cholesterol-induced domain formation in multi-component lipid membranes 2006-10-16
Diaz, Abel B. Dynamic and spatial properties of satellites in isolated galactic systems 2006-09-19
West, Damien First-principles calculations of vibrational lifetimes in silicon 2006-06-29
Lombardini, Richard Luzi Rovibrational spectroscopy calculations using a Weyl-Heisenberg wavelet basis and classical phase space truncation 2006-06-27
Cannon, Brian Lynn Spectroscopic characterization of ordered nanodomains in self-assembling, fluid lipid bilayers 2005-05-04
Oomman, Sowmini K Non-apoptotic expression of active caspase-3 during rat cerebellar development 2004-01-01
Bouldin, Kimberly Kay Latent Fingerprint and trace explosives detection by photoluminescence and time-resolved imaging 2003-01-01
Kambour, Kenneth E A theory of lock-on and electrical breakdown 2003-01-01
Chen, Xupeng Investigation of a high-power virtual cathode oscillator 2003-01-01
Lahlouh, Bashar Ibrahim Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of low dielectric constant materials 2003-01-01
Lobban, Olga B Hadronic vector boson decay and the art of calorimeter calibration 2002-12
Gharaibeh, Maen A Molecular dynamic simulations of self-interstitials in silicon 2002-01-01
Harris, William Jackson A study of cathode erosion in high power arcjets 2002-01-01
Nichols, Patrick Jay Positron molecule scattering 2002-01-01
Cardenas, Richard L Calibration and conformational studies in radiation dosimetry using polymer gel dosimeters 2001-01-01
Seon, Moonsuk Raman studies of heavily carbon doped GaAs 1999-01-01
Casey, Kelly Gamble Studies of solvent-solute interactions in the photophysics of laser dyes 1988-01-01
Celebi, Yasar Gurkan Copper diffusion in silicon 1998-01-01
Kang, Samsoo Simulation of high field transport in photoconductive semiconductor switches 1998-01-01
Naseirat, Mutazz Pion double charge exchange reaction mechanisms 1998-01-01
Sauncy, Toni D Photoluminescence studies of <100>-and <111>-grown indium gallium arsenide strained single quantum wells under hydrostatic pressure 1998-01-01
Young, Douglas Talmadge Microwave emission in a plasma filled nonuniform backward wave oscillator 1998-01-01
Liu, Lin-I Time-resolved fluorescence studies of dye-polymers as excited by laser and beta-radiation 1997-01-01
Dallas, Timothy E. John Structural phases of disordered carbon materials 1996-01-01
Elghossain, Maher Omar Pion double charge exchange formalism 1996-01-01
Khan, Shamim Akhter Nuclear charge form factors of helium isotopes with configuration mixing 1996-01-01
Lin, Tao Detection of latent fingerprints on counterfeit currency 1996-01-01
Liu, Shixi Deposition, characterization, and device application of amorphous carbon and amorphous silicon films 1996-01-01
McCuistian, Brian Trent Charge injection threshold in Lexan and Acrylite 1996-01-01
Yi, Seung-Ho Recombination and transport in hydrogenated amorphous silicon 1996-01-01
Shen, Jin Miao4 Characterization of fluorinated hydrogenated amorphous silicon nitride alloys 1995-01-01
Park, Young K. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Defect Formation in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon 1994-12
Luo, Ningyi Daniel Dual femtosecond ti: sapphire laser for ultrafast optical sampling two-color pump/probe studies 1994-01-01
Adamson, Elise Rene Boerwinkle Secondary electron emission coefficient from lexan: the low energy crossover 1993-01-01
Palsule, Chintamani P Photoluminescence studies in hydrogenated amorphous silicon and its alloys 1993-01-01
Pleil, Matthias Werner Time-correlated single photon studies of hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbon 1993-01-01
Roberson, Mark A. Light interstitials and their interactions in semiconductors 1993-01-01
Yang, Shilian The symmetry and thermal activation energy of the EL2 defect center in gallium arsenide 1993-01-01
Wu, Fang-ming XLPE (cross-linked) polyethylene lifetime detection 1992-01-01
Buckner, Spencer Lewis Electrical and optical properties of organic thin films 1991-01-01
Chen, Sun-yung Molecular dynamics of lyotropic liquid crystals: a time-resolved fluorescence study 1991-01-01
Kwon, Kihong Equation of motion using fractional calculus 1991-01-01
Li, Wei-gang Effects of lattice relaxation on deep levels in semiconductors 1991-01-01
Acton, Daniel Scott Real-time solar imaging with a 19-segment active mirror system: a study of the standard atmospheric turbulence model 1990-01-01
Ekpenuma, Sylvester Nwabuzor Electronic properties and microhardness of semiconductor alloys 1990-01-01
Koo, Yeon Deog X-ray lines close to KLL auger electron energies from Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu monocrystals 1990-01-01
Wang, Chiou-pirng Mossbauer spectroscopy of an insulating spin-glass 1990-01-01
Chang, Tzyh-lee Studies of solvent effects on rotational isomerization and rotational diffusion for dyes in solutions 1989-01-01
LIU, Mujian Application of an IAM theory of internal rotation to the analysis and prediction of torsional-rotational spectra for selected molecules with partially deuterated methyl groups 1989-01-01
Smith, John Drew The effects of the insulator surface roughness on the surface flashover voltage of lucite, lexan, and celcon 1989-01-01
Chan, Kwaichow Muon sites in transition-metal oxides 1988-01-01
Gregg, Jeffrey Robert Electronic properties of III-V semiconductor alloys 1988-01-01
Leiker, Gary R Coating properties which increase the vacuum flashover strength of insulators 1988-01-01
Snyder, Mark E, Determination of the unstable states of the solid state plasma in semiconductor devices 1988-01-01
Lin, Tsai-ku Defect model for the electronic conduction and breakdown in dielectric thin films 1987-01-01
Mawanda-Kibuule, Paschal Gate voltage propagation delay in power MOSFETs 1987-01-01
Ford, William Clifford Theory of alloy broadening of deep electronic energy levels in ternary semiconductor alloys 1986-01-01
Guan, Yuhua Curvilinear coordinate formulation for vibration-rotation-large amplitude internal motion interactions 1986-01-01
Shen, Yu-tang Chemical trends for deep levels associated with vacancy-impurity complexes in semiconductors 1986-01-01
Jackson, George L Pulsed flashover of solid dielectrics in vacuum and gases 1983-01-01
Cheng, Shih King Study of metal films by the method of total reflection of x-rays 1980-01-01
Bailey, Wayne Elbert Attenuation of elastic surface waves in thin films of superconducting zinc 1978-01-01
Breashears, Eddie Hearl Ultrasonic surface waves on bulk superconducting zinc 1978-01-01
Covington, Billy Charles A far infrared study of transmutation-doped germanium using fourier transform spectroscopy 1978-01-01
Davis, Earle Cale A theoretical study of inertial confinement: model development and analyses of laser induced fusion by implosion of D-T pellets 1977-01-01
Ray, Asok Kumar Radial-moment analysis for muonic x-rays 1977-01-01
Walker, Gary Lee Magnetic susceptibility and infrared spectra of cerium in SrFb2s, CaFb2s, and SrClb2s 1977-01-01
Cress, Daniel Hugg Vibrational analysis of molecules undergoing large amplitude internal motions 1974-01-01
Schmidt, Ronald E Microwave spectroscopic studies of ethyl mercaptan 1974-01-01
Cleavelin, Cloves Rinn Ultrasonic-attenuation determination of the anisotropic energy gap in superconducting zinc 1973-01-01
Potter, Franklin Gregory Soft x-ray spectra of aluminum in aluminum-nickel alloys 1973-01-01
Robbins, Roger Alan Ultrasonic attenuation in superconducting cadmium 1973-01-01
Khan, Mazahir Hasan Muonic x-rays and equivalent radius of nuclear charge distribution 1973-01-01
O'Hara, Stephen Guy Ultrasonic attenuation in superconducting molybdenum 1972-01-01
Seibt, Peter Joseph Microwave-microwave double resonance studies of some rotational transitions in ethyl alcohol 1972-01-01
Waak, Benjamin Thomas Nuclear systematics and momentum-dependent potential 1972-01-01
Miller, Ronald Eugene Studies of deuterated potassium chrome alum 1971-01-01
Parish, Randell Mel Singlet-triplet mixing in the spectra of excited helium-like ions 1970-01-01
Shah, Saiyid Masroor Observation of fine structures in the k-alpha x-ray lines of chromium and cobalt 1970-01-01
Arnold, Donald Jene Magnetic susceptibilities of titanium and vanadium in corundum structures 1970-01-01
Randorff, Jack Edward Ultrasonic attenuation studies in super-conducting lead 1970-01-01
Smith, Alfred Richard Anisotropic magnetic susceptibilities of vanadium and titanium ions in corundum 1970-01-01
Knopp, John Virgil Selected problems in the theory of internal rotation in completely asymmetric molecules 1969-01-01
Welch, Herbert Eugene X-ray line width measurements with a three-crystal spectrometer 1969-01-01
Varnell, Gilbert Lynn Hindered internal rotation fine structure of the 3 micron vibration-rotation spectra of CH3S 1968-01-01