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What should I get out of my college education? Advice from Joel on Software.

For Thursday May 03, 2012 you C++ programmers may find this file helpful. Fortran programmers may find this other file useful.

Here is an online reference to some of the program snippets and functions that are mentioned in the book. If you find them useful, thank Dr. Garcia.

Here is a quick example of using gnuplot with multiple files and curves.

Here is a page on how to do Gauss-Legendre quadrature that you may find useful. Also, here is a file with c++ program examples on how to do some numerical integrations. Finally, here is a set of target values for the romberg integration scheme in printable form.


If there are questions that you did not get a chance to ask in class, or if you are curious about Computational Physics related topics that you would like to hear discussed in class, please send these questions via e-mail by clicking on the address below.

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