Physics 1408

Principles of Physics I
Assignment 8

For the week beginning October 15, 2018 finish all work on chapters 7-9 in your text including the online homework HW6 related to this material available at ExpertTA.
Direct links to ExpertTA by section:
PHYS 1408-H01 (Honors)
PHYS 1408-090 (Majors). Be prepared for your second exam over chapters 7-9:
PHYS 1408-H01 (Honors) on Thursday October 18, 2018
PHYS 1408-090 (Majors) on Friday October 19, 2018.
You need a 5-response scantron, a calculator, a pencil and eraser, and you may bring one handwritten 3-inch by 5-inch notecard with notes or formulas.

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