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Physics 1401

Online Quiz 4

Chapter 5 in Conceptual Physics 12th edition

Figure from chapter 5, exercise 8, page 82.
Question 1. As shown above, the two 100-N weights are attached to a spring scale. The scale reads a value (in N) of
(a) 0     (b) 10     (c) 20     (d) 100     (e) 200
Question 2. Two carts on wheels have a spring compressed between them. One cart is twice as massive as the other. When released, the speed of the heavier cart (with respect to vL the speed of the lighter cart) will be
(a) 0     (b) vL     (c) 2vL     (d) vL/2     (e) 4vL
Question 3. If you stand on a skateboard next to a wall and then push on the wall to your right with a force of 60 N, the wall exerts a force (in N) on you of
(a) 0     (b) 60 right     (c) 60 left     (d) 120 right     (e) 120 left
Question 4. If your mass plus the skateboard from question 3 is 60 kg, then your acceleration (in m/s²) is
(a) 1 left    (b) 2 right     (c) 3 right     (d) 5 left     (e) 10 right
Question 5. If raindrops fall vertically at 4 m/s and you run horizontally at 3 m/s, then the speed (in m/s) that the raindrops hit your face is
(a) 0     (b) 1     (c) 2     (d) 5     (e) 7

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