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Physics 1401

Online Quiz 1

Chapters 1 and 2 in Conceptual Physics 12th edition

Question 1. Part of the scientific method involves formulating a scientific (or testable) hypothesis. This means that the hypothesis is
(a) definitely true.
(b) probably true.
(c) capable of being proved true, but not false.
(d) probably a bad idea.
(e) capable of being proved true or false by experiment.
Question 2. A reasonable order-of-magnitude estimate for the number of times that a heart beats in an average human lifetime of 70 years is
(a) 2X1013    (b) 2X1011    (c) 2X109    (d) 2X107    (e) 2X105
Question 3. In any given year, the outcome that is less likely than being struck by lightning is
(a) a fatal bicycle crash     (b) drowning     (c) choking to death     (d) winning the state lottery     (e) death by car crash
Question 4. A cart is pulled to the right with a force of 100 N and to the left with a force of 20 N. The net force on the cart (in N) is
(a) 10 right    (b) 30 left    (c) 50 left    (d) 80 right    (e) 120 right
Question 5. A 50 kg crate rests on a horizontal floor. If a force of 150 N to the right is exerted on the crate but it doesn't move, then the force of friction (in N) is
(a) 0     (b) 500 left     (c) 500 right     (d) 150 right     (e) 150 left
Question 6. The force on the crate from the previous question is increased to 250 N to the right so that the crate moves with constant velocity. The net force (in N) on the crate is
(a) 0     (b) 500 left     (c) 500 right     (d) 250 right     (e) 250 left


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