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Physics 1401

Online Quiz 18

Mostly Chapter 18 in Conceptual Physics 12th edition

For this quiz, click in the box then type in an answer and then click again outside the box for the fill-in-the-blank questions.

Question 1. The First law of thermodynamics is based on the .
Question 2. A device that uses heat as input and supplies mechanical work as output, or that uses work as input and moves heat "uphill" from a cooler to a warmer place is known as a .
Question 3. A measure of the disorder of a system is known as the .
Question 4. For a heat engine, an ideal efficiency of 100% could be achieved if the low-temperature reservoir is at .
Question 5. One way of stating the Second law of thermodynamics is that in any thermodynamic process, the entropy of the universe tends to .

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