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Physics 1308

Online Quiz 1

If you complete all of the practice quizzes during the semester, you may replace your lowest two in-class quizzes with the highest average of all your on-line quizzes. Since you may take the practice quizzes as often as you like, your highest average should be pretty good. However, in order to keep track, you must fill out the student name and id# part of the form.

Question 1. Part of the scientific method involves formulating a scientific (or testable) hypothesis. This means that the hypothesis is
(a) definitely true.
(b) probably true.
(c) capable of being proved true, but not false.
(d) probably a bad idea.
(e) capable of being proved true or false by experiment.
Question 2. In any given year, the outcome that is less likely than being struck by lightning is
(a) a fatal bicycle crash     (b) drowning     (c) choking to death     (d) winning the state lottery     (e) death by car crash
Question 3. When properly operating, the form of power generation that releases the most radioactivity into the atmosphere is
(a) coal     (b) natural gas     (c) solar     (d) nuclear     (e) wind
Question 4. According to a recent intelligence estimate, America is least likely to be attacked by terrorists using
(a) airplanes     (b) cars/trucks     (c) ships     (d) the U.S. mail     (e) an I.C.B.M.
Question 5. As a country, we are spending (by far) the most money to defend against a terrorist attack by
(a) airplanes     (b) cars/trucks     (c) ships     (d) the U.S. mail     (e) an I.C.B.M.

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