The Veil Nebula Region

The Veil nebula is a huge, ancient supernova remnant. It is situated in south-eastern Cygnus, near the border with Vulpecular. The most convienient stars to use as a guide in locating it are either the 2nd magnitude epsilon cygni, which lies 3 degrees to the north, or the 3rd magnitude zeta cygni, which lies about 5 degrees to the east. The size of the veil is what catches many inexperienced observers. It is over 2 degrees across! Although some sections are very faint, much of it is not difficult providing the skies are dark. I have found it readily visible with 80mm binoculars under magnitude 7.0 skies.

The animation is composed of 50, 5 second exposures. The Veil is located just to the left of centre and is only weakly recorded in these short exposures. The hazy object to the lower left of centre is the open cluster NGC 6940. Two meteors and a satellite are visible in the animation.