USNO 1295-0192642

USNO 1295-0192642 is a 17th magnitude star in the constellation Lynx. I discovered it to be variable on images taken on January 3, 2012. It has not been an easy object to study so far as it has been difficult to obtain a full lightcurve. From what I have to date, the period appears to be about 45 hours, with an amplitude in excess of 0.7 magnitude. As yet I have not recorded either a maximum or a minimum.

From the lightcurve, the variable could be an RR Lyrae star, although the period is rather long for one of these stars. More probably it is a BL Herculis class or type II Cepheid. The period derived was about 45.22 hours with an amplitude of at least 0.7 magnitude. However with only a portion of the lightcurve observed, more observations are required to confirm this.

Lightcurve results for USNO 1295-0192642.