Rosemary Hill Observatory

While I was living on the east coast of the USA, I had the opportunity to use the Rosemary Hill Observatory belonging to the University of Florida at Gainesville near Bronson in Florida. The observatory is located in one of the darkest regions of Florida, with the zenith limiting magnitude typically being around 6.8. There was of course, the added benefit of being in Florida in December/January instead of Minnesota or Pennsylvania!!!! :-)

The main instrument is a 30" Tinsley reflector. The telescope has both newtonian and cassegrain foci, however I always used the telescope at the newtonian focus.

The dome housing the 30" telescope. The telescope is located in the upper story, while below is a workshop and a bunkroom.

Newtonian focus of the 30" telescope.

Cassegrain focus of the 30" telescope.

While most of the time I was busy imaging with a CCD, sometimes I could not resist looking through the telescope and enjoying the view! :-)

The second telescope at the observatory is an 18" cassegrain that is used mostly roboticly by students. Sometimes I was also able to make use of this instrument. Add to that my own telescopes that I brought down with me made for some busy nights!

The side of the 18" dome along with my 18" and 5@ telescopes.