Sharpless 2-1

This image was a real disappointment. I was trying to image the very faint reflection nebula, Sharpless 2-1, which is close to the star kappa scorpii. This is the bright star a little below the centre of the image. The nebula should be visible below the star and curving away to the upper right. However, only very vague traces can be seen. Unfortunately, the exposure had to be kept very short to avoid blooming the stars, so the nebula was very poorly recorded.

In the upper left, part of the rho ophiuchi nebulae complex can be seen along with the globular cluster M 4. Antares is just out of the field to the left.

The animation is composed of 50, 5 second images. In this animation there are no satellites visible. Most likely because the Earth's shadow was in this direction at the time and so any satelites would have been in eclipse.