Neptune. August 6, 2003.
Combination of 5, 10 second images, SBIG ST-8E CCD, binned 1x1.
18" f/10.5 Ritchey-Chrétien telescope at prime focus.

The object just above neptune is the moon Triton.


Combination of 10, 2 second images unfiltered and 10, 5 second images using red, green and blue filters.
SBIG STL-1001E CCD. 300mm f/18 cassegrain telescope plus 2X barlow lens.

On June 14, Jupiter and Neptune were visible in the same CCD field. This was very similar to the view that Galileo had when he observed Jupiter in 1610! This was an opportunity I could not pass. In the image below, Jupiter is the very bright object, while the yellow lines point to Neptune at the other egde of the field. Two of Jupiter's moons are also visible. Also, if you look very closely at Neptune, you can just see its biggest moon, Triton.

Jupiter and Neptune

Combination of 20, 1 second images unfiltered.
SBIG STL-1001E CCD. 300mm f/6 newtonian telescope at prime focus.