M71 NGC 6838

Object Type Globular Cluster
Constellation Sagitta
Magnitude 8.4
Size 7.0' x 7.0'

m71 is a fairly small and moderately bright globular cluster in Sagitta, about 4 degrees south and slightly west of M27, the "Dumbell Nebula".

Combination of 10, 3 minute images. SBIG ST-9XE CCD.
10" f/6.3 schmidt-cassegrain telescope at prime focus.

Combination of the above image,
and 5, 3 minute images with red, green, and blue filters.
16" f/10 schmidt-cassegrain telescope with an f/6.3 focal reducer.

Combination of 10, 1 minute images.
SBIG STL-1001E CCD. 20" f/6.8 Dall-Kirkham cassegrain telescope at prime focus.