M48 NGC 2548

Object Type Open Cluster
Constellation Hydra
Magnitude 5.8
Size 30.0' x 30.0'

M 48 was originally one of the "missing" Messier objects. There is no object located at the position given by Messier. However, as a result of some detective work by Oswald Thomas in 1934, it was realised that Messier had made a mistake in his data reduction, confusing the sign in determining the declination, and that the object listed by Messier as object 48 was really NGC 2548, some 5 degrees north of Messier's position.

M 48 is a bright, large and scattered open cluster in Hydra, close to the Monoceros border. It is best viewed with binoculars or a low magnification telescope.

45 minutes exposure, Fuji Superia 200 film.
5" f/5 refractor at prime focus.

Combination of 15, 1 minute images unfiltered.
SBIG STL-1001E CCD. 20" f/6.8 Dall-Kirkham cassegrain telescope at prime focus.