M3 NGC 5272

Object Type Globular Cluster
Constellation Canes Venatici
Magnitude 6.3
Size 18.0' x 18.0'

M3 is a large and bright globular cluster in Canes Venatici. Easily visible in binoculars, it is visible to the naked eye under dark skies. Well resolved an 8" telescope, it is one of the better globulars in the northern sky.

Combination of 5, 1-minute exposures. SBIG ST-8E CCD.
8" f/10 schmidt-cassegrain telescope at prime focus.

Same image as above, just processed differently to show more of the centre.

30 second exposure. SBIG ST-9XE CCD.
10" f/6.3 schmidt-cassegrain telescope at prime focus.

Combination of 20, 30 second images unfiltered.
SBIG STL-1001E CCD. 20" f/6.8 Dall-Kirkham cassegrain telescope at prime focus.