Kitt Peak Observatory

In 2001, I visited the USA to attend a conference on Tucson. During the conference, a side trip was arranged to visit the Kitt Peak Observatory located about 80 kms west of Tucson.

Heading up towards Kitt Peak, the 150" telescope dominates the view.

At the top of the mountain, almost at the observatory.

Looking Southeast towards the radio telescopes.

The view from the visitor's centre.

The 150" and 90" domes.

Being an asteroid conference, the main interest for us all was the Spacewatch telescope. The main one we had a look at was the 1.8m telescope. When we were there, the telescope had not been fully commissioned and had only just had first light. It was interesting to listen to the people working on the project discuss their plans and hopes.

On the way back from the observatory I could not resist stopping to get this shot. Hey... it was the first time in Arizona!!!! :-)