GSC 5568:0529

GSC 5568:0529 is a 14.3 magnitude star in the constellation Virgo, that I discovered it to be variable on images taken on 12 May, 2011.

The initial observatioons indicated that the star was an RR Lyrae variable with a possible period of around 24 hours. 2 more nights of observations in 2014 confirmed the RR lyrae variability but showed the period to be about 8.305 hours. The amplitude was about 1.09 magnitude.

Lightcurve results for GSC 5568:0529.

Since RR Lyrae stars are all approximately the same absolute magnitude (-0.7),they can be used as a distance indicator. Since this star has an apparent magnitude of about 14.3, it would be at a distance of about 10,000 lightyears, not accounting for any interstellar absorption.