Dalganga Meteor Crater

Dalganga meteor crater is a small crater about 700km North east of Perth in Western Australia. It is located about 50km south west of the town of Mount Magnet, and not very far away from Meeline Station where for several years, members of the Murdoch Astronomical Society held week-long astrocamps. These photographs are from my first visit to the crater, in 1973.

Approaching the crater there is nothing in particular to show the crater is there. Just a few large rocks. This is because the crater has virtually no raised rim. What there is is only a few centimetres high.

The crater is not particularly large, being only about 50 metres in diameter, and about 5 metres deep. There are a number of large rocks around the rim of the crater which appear to have been blasted out during impact.

The view from the top of the rim is like looking at a large bomb crater.

A very much younger author standing at the top of the rim.

A view from the crater rim of the author searching with a magnet for any meteoric debris. The large hole has been dug at an earlier date by a team from the W.A. museum.