<h1><center>Ced 214</center></h1>

Ced 214

Combination of 12, 5 minute images using an H-alpha filter, and 15, 5 minute images using SII and OIII filters.
SBIG STL-1001E CCD. 5" f/5 refractor at prime focus.

Ced 214 is a large but faint nebula in Cepheus. There appears to be some confusion regarding this object. Uranometria 2000 indicates that it a large nebula centred on about 0h 04m +67 05, and about 2 degrees south of the nebula NGC 7822. However The Sky shows nothing at the location of NGC 7822 and insead has has NGC 7822 at the position of Ced 214. Since there is a nebula at the location of NGC 7822 in Uranometria 2000, and it has the shape indicated in those charts, I am inclined to believe that Uranometria 2000 is correct. Parts of the nebula NGC 7822 is visible at the top of the above image.

The same image as above but processed using the SII data as the red channel and the H-alpha as the green channel.