Asteroid 9566 Rykhlova

Asteroid 9566 Rykhlova is a main belt asteroid with an estimated diameter of 10 km. It was discovered on September 18, 1987 by L. I. Chernykh at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. The semi-major axis is 2.35 AU, the eccentricity is 0.249 and the inclination is 3.54 degrees.

Observations of this asteroid were first made on four nights, during September and October, 2005. Analysis of the data showed a clear lightcurve with a period of 8.800 hours.

Lightcurve results for 9566 Rykhlova.
Period 8.800 hours +/- 0.001 hours. Amplitude 0.7 magnitude +/- 0.02 magnitude.

Further observations were made on two nights in March, 2011. Although these observations were confined to only 2 nights due to weather, the results are similar in both period and amplitude.

Lightcurve results for 9566 Rykhlova.
Period 8.867 hours +/- 0.003 hours. Amplitude 0.7 magnitude +/- 0.05 magnitude.