Asteroid 8441 Lapponica

Asteroid 8441 Lapponica is a main belt asteroid with an estimated diameter of 6 km. It was discovered on October 16, 1977 by Cornelis Johannes van Houten, Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld and Tom Gehrels at Palomar Observatory. The semi-major axis is 2.19 AU, the eccentricity is 0.138 and the inclination is 4.99 degrees.

Observations of this asteroid were made on four nights between February and April, 2008. The resulting lightcurve indicated a period of 3.2745 hours.

Lightcurve results for 8441 Lapponica.
Period 3.2745 +/- 0.0005 hours. Amplitude 0.8 +/- 0.1 magnitude.